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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

There is no doubt – the time to take advantage of video marketing is well and truly here.

The biggest players in the marketing industry (million dollar earners and ABOVE) are milking the power of video marketing to bring them in INSANE amounts of traffic and UNRIVALLED profits…

Isn’t it about time you did too?

There is no question, video marketing gets powerful results.

If fact – I am sure you have already seen that. Right?

Videos Uploaded – often show at the very TOP of the search results:


And it is not just the video that show up –

Links back to the sites themselves help the SITES rank too.

We achieved THIS:


With just 4 little 40 second videos – distributed by Hydravid.

Because – video marketing WORKS.

Links from the all the video sites not just Youtube – help rank the site itself. Bonus!! Right?

TOP RANKINGS & TRAFFIC: One single video of yours uploaded to multiple sites has the power to easily land you on page 1 of search results and drive thousands of visitors to your sites.
FREE TRAFFIC & IRRESISTIBLE SHAREABILTY: Videos are more likely to be shared than any other online media, in fact 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. (Invodo) giving you a HUGE boost in free viral traffic.
TOP CONVERSIONS & PROFITS: Studies have proven that using video can increase your conversion rates by 64%! Meaning MORE SALES for you AND most importantly, MORE MONEY in your pocket!
So: The Time Is Right, The Time Is Now

There’s EVERY reason to kickstart or supercharge your video marketing NOW! Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. (Cisco) Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016 and 69% by 2017. (Cisco) It’s just growing and growing.


But I know what you’re thinking…

Video Marketing takes time. LOTS of time.  And effort.  Painstakingly uploading video after video, To each individual website,  Spending hour after hour staring at the computer screen,  Tediously watching and waiting for videos to upload…

And you’re absolutely right.

It’s painfully tiresome.

But in just a moment I am going to let you into the secret genius solution that is going to MULTIPLY your TRAFFIC, Your RANKINGS and your EARNINGS from Video Marketing…

And, most importantly, SLASH the TIME and EFFORT it takes in which to do it!

But JUST before I do,

Let me tell you WHY this secret genius solution exists…

And just like you, I always saw the HUGE traffic pulling benefit of video marketing.

And I had to be thankful for it’s power, as it had kept a steady stream of traffic coming my way…(and a healthy amount of dollars in the bank)…

But just like you, I couldn’t quite get my head around the incomprehensible amount of TIME it was taking me to take advantage of that power.

I was spending WASTING hour after hour,

Day after day,

Locked away in the office,

For weeks and weeks at a time

Painstakingly optimizing and uploading every individual video…

To every individual website…

Logging in to every separate account…

To upload the SAME video to every one…

Constantly racking my brain to think up unique titles and descriptions and keywords…

Barely seeing the light of day.

I developed dark circles and grey hallowed skin, (and that’s not a good look on anybody, certainly not a sun-loving Aussie!)

I hadn’t had a day off with my kids in weeks,

And it was REALLY starting to take a toll on my family.

Something HAD to change.

The thing is, video marketing was just too powerful a marketing medium to ignore

Bringing me in unrivalled amounts of traffic AND profits…

I couldn’t stop now.

BUT I also couldn’t justify the time and family moments (and vitamin D!) I was sacrificing to take advantage of it.

There HAD to be an easier way.

So I looked around…

And there wasn’t.

So I created it.


  • Post To All = At the Same Time it Normally Takes You to Post to One! = Massive Time Saving!
  • Multi-Account Functionality = More Coverage and Tons More Traffic
  • Integrated Spinner = Multiple Versions with NO Extra Effort
  • Unique Video Creator = NO duplicate uploads – EVER
  • Automatic Social Backlink Creator = Top Rankings (Which also means – more traffic



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